Thrisha Murphy had a very difficult and stressful year ahead of her. Luckily, a miracle happened to her, which came to her in form of a kindly stranger in the restaurant where she works.

This single mother makes everything for her four children.

She took two jobs, only so that she can provide enough food, shelter, and clothes for all of her children. Murphy worked as a waitress at Denny’s and also in the second shift in a nursing home. Plus, she went back to school in order to graduate and improve her chances.
However, it seemed that before Christmas this mother had no money and no luck because her car was towed.

The bill she received in the amount of 735 $ left her broken and she had to spend the most of her savings for it. At that moment Murphy started to search a way to make Christmas happen for her children.

One of the following days when she went to work at Denny’s Murphy was broken and disappointed. She was desperately looking for a way to find money and make Christmas happen for her four children and she already thought of every other possibility to accept another job and to work. However, on the very day, she had a strange feeling that something good was about to happen.

“I have no idea how should I pull it off. I am worried all the time about it” – said Murphy later.

On the other hand, the single mother knew there is a lot of work awaiting her and she put a friendly smile on her face.

Three men were sitting on one of her tables, waiting for their waitress. As Murphy saw these men she noticed that they weren’t so stylishly dressed and thought that they were just an “average” tippers. Yet, she remained kind and cheerful.

During the small talk, they started, the men started talking about the upcoming holidays and Murphy didn’t want to talk about her situation.

Murphy tried to avoid this topic, but the anxiousness in her voice betrayed her and then she finally told that she is going to celebrate Christmas only because of her children. The customers couldn’t help, but notice that Murphy was having a rough year ahead of her.
Then, one of the men replayed that he happens to be Santa, which Murphy took only as a friendly joke.

The customers bring their bills to the hostess stand at Denny’s in order to check them, but this man insisted that Murphy does that for them.

As the single mother took the bill, she almost collapsed, because she noticed the tip she got in the amount of $ 500. At the very moment, it was clear to her, that the man was not joking at all.

“Merry Christmas, my dear” – said this customer on his way out.

“I don’t know him or his name, but this man saved Christmas for me and my children. I really believe that I met Santa today!”

The single mother could barely grasp what happened to her, as she was closing the bill. She needed some extra time to understand the whole situation, but she knew that this man made Christmas happen for her and her children.

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